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I cannot suppose

Johnstown 25 Dec 1821

Dear Nephew,

I cannot suppose that any benefit to anyone can possibly result from Mrs. Cochran's annuity passing through my hands - come from whom it may she will know that it is the county of her Father and if it be not, in her opinion enough, she will look to you to make up the deficiency - and if you refuse, you may be reproached by her and her husband and those reproaches you must hear as much like a Christian as you can.

If Doctor Henry has any real estate would it not be advisable to get an assignment of the oldest judgment against him and sell what estate he has in Otsego - [and] his equity of redemption in the triangle? This might save the expense of foreclosing his equity of redemption under the mortgage. His failure will I fear have a bad effect upon the future sale of the lands which he has had in charge, and it will require much consideration to determine how far it will be advisable to throw, the loss upon those who have purchased of him - how is that estate hereafter to be managed? To make it productive will it not require the attention of some person the greater part of the time?

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
D Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith