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November 22, 1821

Difficult for me to say


Dear Nephew,

It is difficult for me to say what you ought to do with Doctor Henry unless I knew what he has done I think however you ought at once to call upon him and get an account of all sales which have been made by him, and of all monies received, and of all bonds and mortgages which he [unreadable] has on hand, you ought if possible to get possession of the bonds and mortgages which may be in his hands. And when you have obtained all the information from him which you can get you ought then to go in person or by a competent agent to every man on the land and learn when he purchased how much and when he has paid any money to Doctor Henry - you ought then to search the Clerk's office from the date of his [power] to this present day and learn to whom he has sold any lands + from whom he has when any mortgages you will have to search the Clerk's offices in Chenango + Broome. And when you have done all this, you will be able to say very nearly how much of a rogue he is - and what must be done with him. I have no doubt he will be unwilling to exhibit his account he will wish you to call again; but you must stay with him until it is done. His power of attorney ought to be delivered up, if he refused that, it will furnish [evidence] that he wants to cheat more. The [reservation] of his [promise] ought to be shown to him, and [reserved] in Chenango + Broome, and notice ought to be given to all persons on the land not to pay him anything now.

In short you must adopt all wise and prudent and energetic measures to get into your hands all the papers relating to the estate and as much of an indemnity for his defaults as you can. He shall have to foreclose his mortgage and that will delay and [embarrass] my future sales of the property for some time. Were their [unreadable] judgments against him it might be safe to take a conveyance from him, but should this be done and the mortgage discharged. The judgment creditors would [claim] a right to sell his share of the land.

Were it not for the business of the roads I would meet you at the Doctors, but should you find the business with him so [embarrassed] that [resort] insist be used to law. Let me know all the facts and if necessary I will attend to it.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours sincerely
Daniel Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith

Johnstown 22nd Nov 1821