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The Chancellor


Dear Nephew,

The Chancellor has dissolved the injunction in the cause of Lasher and McMichael vs. your Father. It will probably be tried at Troy at the next Circuit in the County of Rensselear [sic], in Nov. or Dec. next. I do not know what may be the result of the trial but you must have the money ready.

I wish you would take the letters which Mr [Trast] wrote to your Father respecting the note and call upon Mr [Trast] and see whether he still recollects what Lasher said respecting the consideration for which he received the note. I have written to Mr [Trast] on the subject but can get no answer from him. I fear he is the friend of Lasher and unwilling to say any thing to his prejudice.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
D Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith

8th Oct. 1821