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The cause with Lasher


Dear Nephew,

I am not certain when the cause with Lasher + Mc Michael will be tried but expect it will be in the first week in December and in January judgment may be given and then you must have ready $7000 to prevent an execution. Should the judgment be against the plaintiff of which I have little very little hope, you may dispose of the $7000 in some great speculation, although we ought to. Have you great crops of wheat ready for market?

Your Father has returned from his eastern journey very much pleased with the Yankees; but your letters which he received on his return at Albany trouble him very much. How he has [merited] from you a charge of having broken up your domestic happiness he cannot imagine. I very much regret that you should ever deem it necessary to make any accusation against him, but when that becomes necessary, would it not be most advisable to state the act which he has done, instead of making a general charge of his having broken up your schemes of happiness? He would then know in what he had offended.

He intends to send his horses to Schoharie, have his carriage at Johnstown, go to Utica in a stage, to Canastota, + boat from that place to Peterboro in a waggon [sic], pack up or sell his goods and bid a long farewell to Peterboro, although he would prefer living at that place to any other.

I hope you may be able to give him abundant consolation and induce him to take back his estate giving you enough to pay for Florence. I am confident he would manage his estate more advantageously than you and I can, and if he did not he would be better satisfied with it.

I think you have settled the Johnson business well + I wish you would negotiate as successfully with Lasher. That man ought to be punished, shall we put him in [gaol] and compel him to take the benefit of the act? Do you intend to let Brown escape? He too ought to be chastised as a rogue.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith

Johnstown 29th Oct 1821