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You will recollect


Dear Nephew,

You will recollect that last July an action was commenced against your Father by Lasher + Michael on a $5000 note. A will in Chancery was filed against them for [a discovery] of the time and circumstances at and under which they received the note. They have filed their answer to that will and have sworn to such parts as will probably prevent our being able to make any defence. You must therefore by the first of June before be prepared to pay
Interest 5 years +months 1837
Courts 300

An application will be made to the Chancellor to dissolve the injunction on the 19th instant which I can hardly hope to resist, and if not the cause will be tried on April at the Albany Circuit + final judgment + execution be had in May. We have a good defence I do not doubt could we get at the truth on the trial, but how can that be done when all the persons knowing the transaction are parties upon the record and cannot be witnesses. Glass or land must be converted into money as fast as may be.

Yours sincerely
D Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith

5th March 1821