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Johnstown 28 Dec 1820

My Dear Friend,

Here I am in my office long before daylight. What is that for? Is the fellow becoming industrious and worldly minded? No but for ten days part a strange, [uncomfortable?] pain in the left side has confined me to my house and will not permit me to be in bed but a few hours, it must however, leave me by next Fryday [sic] for then I must go to Albany, or my pocket as well as my side will be most woefully out of order. I have little faith in Doctors, but I have almost determined to call one in at sunrise and set him to work, I do not like to part with my [beloved?], but that I presume must be let out as the first experiment.

Should that fail, pills and [purchers?] will he not cause - and what then? Why let the patient along, he will die or get well. The difference is only fifteen [years?].

I have hoped that you would by this time have laid up such a stack of happiness that you would spend the holydays [sic] with us. Our residents are inclined to be gay this winter - and I doubt not that [used?] have been at a party given by [Trilla?] a few days since. You would almost been tempted to ------ fill up the blank as you shall deem proper on such an occasion. I cannot say a word about [Mrs Laight?] + her [curside?] before I ascertain [how] the Doctor will [irrssiash?].

I am truly
Yours +
D Cady

Hon P Smith