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Dear Nephew,

I have not nor shall I have time to go to Oppenheim to see land advertised by Malcolm. I have however seen the deed and that is so drawn that it will cover but 105 acres instead of 200. The mistake however in the deed may never be discovered by those who [unreadable] it. I find that Malcolm was advertised under the same mortgage about 300 acres in Oppenheim. That is worth I presume about the same as the other. I think it probable that Mr Cochran has a description of all the lands advertised, made by [?] a surveyor. As these lands were mortgaged as collateral security for the note you gave. I think you ought to call on Malcolm + [Lathrop] and tell them that you shall insist on being credited the $200 which you have paid and whatever the land shall sell for + that unless they at once make that arrangement you will take measures to compel them or do it or protect yourself on account of the usury in the note.

I have forwarded to your Father at New York my years account which I presume will reach him but not cure all his misfortunes. I have heard from him and he does not appear to be in possession of a great share of happiness.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
D Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith

10th November