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Form of conveyance


My Dear Nephew,

What form of conveyance do you wish for? For us to execute as Attornies or as Lords of the Soil? If as attornies I ought to have before me the power under which we are to act, its provisions I do not sufficiently recollect to enable me to draw the form of a deed.

I have obtained from Mr Loulden the bill of the goods and the receipt for the note in the receipt. The note is described as one made by Loulden Smith + Co in the judgment it is described as made by Loulden + Smith. How are we to prove that the note described in the receipt and judgment is the same?

How much glass have you made and what are the prospects of selling it? Can you with glass pay the interest of $125,000? If lands in your part of the county depreciate in value as much as they do here, the dividend to be made at the end of fifteen years will not be worth quarrelling about.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Cady

Mr. Gerrit Smith

Johnstown 24th March 1820