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1 Feb 1820

My Dear Friend,

Many of our best plans originate in accident and for their completion or defeat depend on circumstances [beyond]. After I last wrote to you I was much troubled [have] to avoid disappointing you - and yet free from my duty and engagements to others. I could not well imagine how I would serve you at Peterboro, unless it was by completing the arrangement of [cart?] fall - but I did not know that my ten days delay I might possibly interrupt an arrangement of a more tender nature than the execution of a mortgage or the sale of a farm - and now could I forgive myself or hope to be forgiven if the Lady without Peers was in any way concerned in making the 7th the necessary starting time. It was too much for me to hazard and therefore while in church on Sunday I made up my mind that on Monday I would start for Peterboro - with a view of so far “deranging your arrangement” as to return in time that I might be in Albany on Saturday, believing that there would be less danger in accelerating than in retarding your movements to the south]. But on Sunday evening yesterday and to today the snow has been driven into such heaps that I can admonish to make no more plans of a temporal nature while in Church nor to leave home until I hear how the roads are abroad. Here they are not too impassible and still growing worse - but while we have strong winds from the northwest you may be enjoying a perfect calm. I hope if the weather be with you, as it is with us, you are not ready to repeat what you once said "That gloomy [unpathetic] lands + [tempests] were congenial to good feelings."

As I cannot be with you on [Friday] - I shall not know when I set out unless I hear from you - you may leave Peterboro on the 7th and should I then be on the road we may pass each other. If I hear from you between this and Monday and learn that you will be at Peterboro next week I shall if the roads become better be with you on Wednesday.

I am My Dear Friend
Yours Sincerely
D Cady

Hon Peter Smith
Johnstown 1 Feb 1820