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Case of James Robertson


Dear Nephew,

In the cause of James Robertson vs. your father - Peter, Loulden + Vern [Leutroud?]-I want some papers to enable me to put in a plea which must be done in a few days.

He seeks to recover on two grounds - one a note in the following words -

$249.75 - Twelve months after date for value received we promise to pay to the order of James Robertson at the Manhattan Branch in Utica two hundred and fifty nine dollars and seventy five cents.
New York Sept 18, 1817
Loulden Smith + Co

Last September Peter + Loulden confused a judgment in favor of Mr. Robertson on a note of the same date and amount, but the note described in the record of the judgment is alleged to have been made by "Loulden + Smith" instead of "Loulden Smith +Co". I have no doubt the note on which judgment was ordered is the same on which the plaintiff was declared, and that the variance between the names of the makers has been accidental.

The other demand is for $1983.80 for goods sold on the 11 day of July 1818. For these goods Loulden + Smith gave a note on which they confused a judgment last September - but how is this to be proved? Beckman, Peter or Loulden must have a bill of the goods and a receipt for the note. That bill and receipt must be immediately found and forwarded to me. If it cannot be found we must file a will in Chancery against Robertson for a discovery. Do attend to this without delay and let me hear from you.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith
PS Where is Lasher, what must be done with him?