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Dear Friend,

I have just been informed that in [Robertsons] cause a default + judgment have been entered and an execution made out and probably issued. How this has been done I have not yet been able to discover. I [commanded] to my agent a motive to serve on Mr Jay - but I can not yet say whether he served it - or whether the mistake has been made by Mr. Jay's agent. I wish however that you without delay swear to the answered affidavit + send it to me at Johnstown that I may get an [excuse] to stay proceedings. I shall in the morning be able to get some further information as to the mistake. It is possible that [Robertson’s] name was not as it should be. I am uncertain as to his name - fill up the blanks.

Yours Sincerely
D Cady

Hon P Smith Esq

Albany 17th January 1820