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Be not disappointed


My Dear Friend,

You must not be disappointed should I not be at Peterboro on the day you mention. My business and the circumstances of my family I fear may be such, as to render it difficult if not improper for me to be absent from home, a sufficient length of time to make journey to Peterboro. Should I leave home I will try to be with you on the 4th of Feb. If it be necessary that the mortgage which Gerrit and I were to execute covering the counties of Oneida and Madison, should now be executed it can be prepared + he can execute it + you bring it with you + I can sign it here but what would he [mean] agreable [sic] to me, let him come with you, he must have given so great an impetus to the glass establishment that it will keep in regular a rapid motion should he be absent eight or ten days.

I presume you have already heard, that the sale of lands for [Weds] has been postponed for a year so that if Gerrit and I fulfill our engagements you can then purchase all the lands offered for sale - should you be inclined to renew your exertions to accumulate wealth.

Tompkins has indeed been nominated as a candidate for the office of Gov. It was I believe, expected by many who [unreadable] in that nomination, that he would decline, in that he may disappoint them. I find that his nomination is less agreable [sic] to the [unreadable] than I expected.

Tell Gerrit I wish very much to hear from him and to know whether he is making the necessary arrangements to buy $30,000 per year. The oldest due from [Primlub?] has been paid so that I have $213 in hand ready for any great operation.

I am My Dear Friend
Yours Sincerely,
D Cady

Hon Peter Smith Esq

20 January 1820