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Fire at Schenectady


Dear Nephew

I presume that you have understood that the fire at Schenectady destroyed much of Mr [Lasher's] property so much of it that the probability is that he will be unable to pay the demands which your Father has against him. After this is known to your Father he supposed that it would be most advisable that you or I should call upon [Lasher] and try to make a compromise with him. If he will give up the notes which Van [Stantworth] has [informally] said were delivered to [Lasher] or his agent to indemnify him for the engagement he made to your Father. It was said about a month since that [Lasher] was removing back to Schenectady but I have not heard of his arrival at that place. As you have all the papers in relation to this business, it may be advisable for you to see him as soon as you can ascertain where he is.

I have received no letters from your Father since [I met] with him in Albany, but I have heard that he spent a day at [Hudson] with Mr Williams. I sincerely hope his strange plan may succeed but I cannot say that I believe he will derive from it all that he expected. His mind must be occupied and unless, in the course of his journey, he finds some object which can command all his feelings and attention he will return to Peterboro and, if kindly and affectionately treating will speculate for you the rest of his life. What has Peter determined to do? I hope he does not yet alarm you for as [unreadable] in your Father's plans. I saw the singular letter which be addressed to your Father and regret that he should have permitted himself to be so blind to his duty and interest. I wish to serve him. I wish to see him as great and respectable as his [vigorous] mind and brilliant fancy entitle him to be, but I fear his conduct will be too much influenced by his passions.

Unless you have already spoken to Mr [Talbott] respecting the bank cause, it will be well for you to do it soon it is an important cause and must not be neglected.

I am Dear Nephew
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Cady

Mr Gerrit Smith