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Father died


Dear Sir,

Last night at ten o'clock I returned from Canaan where I have for the last eight days, my father died on the fifth instant. Where is he now? He will not return to tell us, but we must follow him and leave behind us the fruit of all our worldly toils.

We now have snow but my business is so much behind and in [convergence] of my own and Watt’s absence that I shall not be able to visit you as I intended. I think you should visit your parents and your friends at New York you would probably find pleasant food for your mind.

I was so short a time in Albany that I did not hear much of political news. Gen Jackson has escaped the [concern] of our group by a majority of 30. Presidential power has too many charms to be resisted by those who are seeking promotion.

It is believed by many that Mr. King will yet be elected a Senator in Congress and that judge [Spinner] will willingly supply the place of Mr Sanford hereafter. John Woodworth it is now said, will be Attorney General and a [Federalist] probably Samuel Jones will be appointed a judge - but I do not believe a Clintonian assembly will appoint a [Federalist] judge. They will suppose that such an act would offend some of their party and jeopardize their power. [Wait] and see us on your way to New York.

Yours Sincerely
D Cady

Peter Smith Esq

Johnstown 16 Feb 1819