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November 24, 1816

Political Golgotha

24 Nov. 1816

Dear Sir,

I owe you an apology for not sooner answering your memorandum which you handed me in July; but the truth is that ever since I left you I have been either absent from home, or so surrounded and tormented with joiners carpenters and masons that my office has been very much neglected.

Paid Corts vs. Lybell _____________ 1815-1850
no vs. [Parnes Young ?] ____ 25 - 00
DC - vs. [P + ?] A Emons - 60 - 15.

They can not be collected by execution, but by attachment to obtain which they must be served with a copy of the will of Corts, a copy of the consent rule, and the original will of Corts + consent rule shown to their + payment demanded. Can you name any person in that part of the county to whom it mite [sic] be safe to send the papers for service? Or mite [sic] you probably see them in the course of a year?

Corts vs Haas Becker $62.16

They have been collected by execution, + he ought unless he has run away, to be prosecuted for the use of the farm. The Corts vs. Storm A L Becker are about the same as the last but he has taken refuge in the limits of the goal at Delhi so that his creditors are put at deference.

Danforth's papers are enclosed. The farm was hid off by J W Cady in trust for you. The deed you must execute - + then the title will be complete in you. When Danforth got ready to pay you will have I suppose to give him a quit claim. Keys is not yet been turned out of possession he might have been on May 1815, but I got, [where?] I know not an impression when with you at Delaware, that he was to be indulged upon his fair promises of reformation - it is now necessary to wait till the first day of January term before he is turned out.

I am home at Albany on my way to the great city of Washington, which has nothing in it, favor but its name. I take with me Bateman's land warrant + shall [locate?] in his name for you. I hope you have so far arranged your lands in the wrangle that you will have time to write to me at Washington, I go there with reluctance, I consider it a political Golgotha, any attempt to purify which is as idle as the hope to reform felons by sending them to the State prison. Monroe it seems is to be President without opposition, but the People of Great Britain may as well claim the honor of having gotten the Prince Regent, as American people can say that their [untraped or unbecaped?] will name character nowhere.

Give my respects to Mrs. Smith
I am Dear Sir
Yours sincerely,
Daniel Cady

Peter Smith Esq
Albany 24 Nov 1816