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September 02, 1812

Cornelia & Mr. Walter Cochran

Yesterday Cornelia + Mr. Walter Cochran presented themselves to us as man + wife, in the evening however they said they had been quizzing us + this morning proposed to be married here but I prevailed upon them to consult you on a subject not only involving their, but your happiness. They have just left us for Peterboro-if they do not change that determination you will have the pleasure of seeing them before you will receive this. I know not what your opinion of Mr. Cochran may be, and were I at liberty to obtrude my advice upon you, I should not know what to say. All I can say is that if you disapprove of the intended connection, it will require all your prudence to prevent it and save the reputation of your daughter. If you approve of it you may probably render her as happily with Mr. Cochran as with any other man.

God help + direct you

I am Dear Sir
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Cady

Peter Smith Esq

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